Unleash your Extraordinary with Polly –

Wealth and Empowerment Coach

Challenge yourself to Unleash your Extraordinary!

Is your mindset holding you back?

Success is: 95% Mindset, 5% Strategy.

Build a bulletproof

Mindset and start Creating Your

Life by Design today!

About Polly

Polly Hohn’s story starts in a small town called Katherine, in Australia’s remote Northern Territory.

It’s tough place to grow up, let alone pursue your dreams. Early on, Polly knew that, to pursue hers, she’d have to leave everything she knew.

Proctor Gallagher Institute’s Exclusive Pin Holder – Top 1% Consultant in the World

Proctor Gallagher Institute’s Circle of Excellence Member

Bob Proctor’s Inner Circle Member

Certified Practitioner of Ho’opononpono

What do you want change in your life?

Work, career and business

The paradigms set by your past experiences and environment determine much of your behavior… and your situation now at work. 

Relationships, Family & Love

The same paradigms that hold women back or manifest themselves in self-destructive patterns in business, frequently show them

Wealth & Abundance

In a world of abundance, it seems  strange that so many of us would live in a permanent state of scarcity. Addressing your paradigms and shifting them can unlock your potential for a much more abundant life.

Create Your Own Life

As far as we know, we only have this one life to live. And while there is so much vying for our attention and asking for our time and money, it’s easy to forget that this is your life. And it is yours to live the way you want to live it. Are you ready to discover the life that you could be living?

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