Going full circle.
How Polly found her way home… at home.

  • I was born in Wyndham WA in February 1976.
  • I was the second born to Allan Rex Jeffery and Susan Foster
  • My mother was your typical house wife of the time and my father worked at the Wyndham Meat works.
  • Most of my mothers family lived in this small town.
  • In 1978 we Moved to Katherine, NT.
  • We lived at the Meatworks for several years before moving to our family home at Cox Crescent.
  • My 2 younger sisters were born in 1979, and 1980.
  • My parents divorced in 1982.
  • Both my parents entered relationships with other people.

These are just the facts. There was nothing extraordinary about my early year. Nothing that would indicate where I would go in the future.

Growing up I always had goals whether it was making a desired amount money selling my father’ss home grown vegetables, or washing cars with my best friend Chantal, becoming a Chef, owning my own business. I was often called a dreamer and told to stop many times! However I always produced my dreams, so I learned to do it in secret.

Our family life was quite tumultuous and sometimes toxic. I started getting drunk every weekend at the age of 15, and this became my norm until I was in my mid 30’s.

From age 10 or 12 I knew my passion was in food. I wanted to be a chef. I did my year 10 work experience in a restaurant and I was told I was a natural. By year 11 I had decided school wasn’t the answer and left in search of an apprenticeship. The restaurant that I wanted was Kirby’s Restaurant, which was a silver service restaurant in Katherine. I was told they had no openings, so I moved to Rockhampton in 1992 at aged 16 and lived in a girls hostel just to complete a prevocational cooking course so I had an extra foot in the door when a position arose. Half way through the course, I got the call to apply for my dream apprenticeship at Kirby’s. As I was in Rockhampton, my Father attended my interview, and told them how I was always cooking and I got the job. They were prepared to wait for my return to Katherine in 3 months.

By June 1996 I was a qualified Chef, and I moved to Townsville to further my career. I worked at some nice places and some pretty shabby places, then ended up on a boutique cruise ship between Townsville and Cairns.

I decided in 1998 to return to Katherine after the flood to catch up with all my friends and family, and help rebuild after the Australia flood. I worked for my old bosses Brian and Christine Kelly, and I got up the courage to tell Brian how much of a bad place I was in with my finances. (I was an absolute shocker with money, forever getting a sub from my wages and borrowing from others). By 2000 I was the executive Chef of Knotts Crossing Resort, getting better with my finances and Fulfilling another dream of mine to run a very busy restaurant.

In 2002 I became pregnant with our first Daughter Madison, and started working at the family Business Hohns Sheet Metaland. It was a dream of my husband’s to one day buy this business, so I knew I had to learn how to manage the books and a very busy business, along with gaining knowledge of the products and services they offered there (most of which I have never heard of).

Terry had several laughs at some of the questions I used to ask. I worked there over the next 8 years, while having our other two children Hannah and Ryan. From 2008-2010 Craig and I were Managing the business and Dianne and Terry (Craig’s Parents) were able to travel and catch up with family, and relax.

In 2010 we bought the business and shaped it into the quality driven and reliable business it is today.

By 2013 though I had started to look at other avenues, however I had the belief that I had to remain in this business. I asked our accountant what more can I do, of which he replied “just keep doing what you are doing”. It took me another 4 years to contact my old boss Brian Kelly and set up a meeting to pick his brain on how better we could be managing our business and finances. During this time we also worked with a coach, as I wanted a clearer picture in my head, and I was carrying a lot of unwanted anger and frustration over some family issues. That year we also changed our accountant, and began a new chapter in our business growth.

This still didn’t squash the feeling of feeling something was missing. I started entertaining thoughts of opening a restaurant, or a fine food store. However the weekend work really didn’t give me much desire to give up my position at Hohns.

Craig and I had grown so much while we had our coach, however by mid of 2018 I realised I needed more than what she had to offer.

On the 1st of June 2018 My father in law took his own life, on his family farm in Linthorpe QLD.

We arrived the next evening, and helped as much as we could in keeping the family spirits and health from deteriorating. Helping my Mother-in-Law and our family get through this tough time, was something that still awes me today. I had placed my own grief aside and given myself to help others. I put my hand up to read the Eulogy, and I had never really spoken in public before or thought it was something that I could do, however I felt I needed to do it for Terry.

Reading a Eulogy is another way of helping people. It tells the deceased story and offers closing to those that listen.
I had a feeling then in October that I thought maybe my calling was doing something with public speaking. I told this to Craig and to my surprise, he readily agreed.

I have always been a helper with some of my report cards stating just that.

By early 2019 I was told about a 10 hour Bob Proctor seminar on YouTube that I should take a look at.

We watched this at breakfast and dinner for the next few weeks and I realised I had been living this way most of my life, while being told to stop and wake up.

My next step was to attend the live stream of the paradigm shift, in which time I had found my calling. I wanted to help people get what they wanted at lightning speed and help them through the rough waters. How the Hell was I going to Tell my Husband this??

After 2 days, I plucked up the courage to tell him what I would like to do.

To my surprise he told me he thought I would be great at that. Holy Crap! I felt sick!

I called PGI and booked my call. I found out the price, and to my surprise it was the amount of money, we had access to.

This was my sign.

I had 9 months to get certified and become a PGI consultant. We came up with a plan for Jenny to become the office manger at Hohns. I just had to persuade her! Well she jumped at the chance and this shit just got real. No turning back now! Within 3 months I was qualified, serving 17 amazing people and had smashed the goal I had set for myself by following the program I was teaching. I know this stuff really works. I attended my first training in Toronto in the top 47 of the 1500+ consultants in the world.

The people I work with really do become the best versions of themselves, while unloading a whole lot of crap that has been holding them back for years. They are smashing goals left right and centre, and I feel amazing being able to help them.

I am living my dream life!