Lead the Field Coaching

Take a Minute to Imagine…


• Waking up knowing there’s more money in your bank account than you need…
• Having both the time and freedom to do the things you actually WANT to do TODAY…
• Spending EVERYDAY doing something of REAL value…
• Creating thriving relationships that go well beyond the surface we’re so accustomed to…
• Living the life you’ve always wanted to live.

Who will you be in 6 months?!

The repetition of truly impactful information over a short span of time can cause you to see advantages, benefits, and abundance everywhere you look.

You have deep reservoirs of talent and ability locked up within you – a simple idea, a suggestion, a word or deed, can change the direction of your life in a millisecond. It did for all three the authors of this program and by subjecting yourself to their direction over the next 6 months you will move onto the road of a bright future.


Month 1 & 2


DAYS 1 – 14

This will be a game-changer. It will brighten your perception of everything – and transform your results.

DAYS 15 – 28

This is HUGE. When your mind is in harmony with nature’s you will see opportunities everywhere. 

DAYS 43 – 57

You will understand how to use your higher faculties to accomplish much more with less effort.

DAYS 29 – 42

You will feel like you’re driving out of a dense fog into a bright clear sublight. You will stop discarding your fantasies and realize that’s where your goal begins.

Month 3 & 4


DAYS 58 – 72

You will become aware of all of the laws, and how to operate in harmony with them – for your benefit.

DAYS 88 – 102

This is big, and it’s beautiful – it’s about how you treat you.

DAYS 118 – 132

Your opinion of what you’re worth will sky rocket with this coaching.

DAYS 103 – 117

Here you’ll be coached to understand a basic success concept that’s only followed by a few.

Month 5 & 6


DAYS 133 – 147

Let’s talk about money. How to earn money is not taught in school. This lesson will definitely change your life.

DAYS 148 – 162

This is one of the most powerful lessons in the entire coaching program.

DAYS 178 – 192

You will learn things about leadership that the most effective leaders all use.

DAYS 163 – 177

Bob Proctor believes this is the most valuable lesson Earl Nightingale taught him.